In most cases, an office computer's processor would have an integrated Graphical Processing Unit. However, in this killer office PC build, we're gonna throw all that out of the window and slap a GTX 1080 TI in it. For educational purposes of course.

  So obviously throwing a 2016 top teir graphics card in an office PC is probably the worst financial decision one could make while making a work computer. This is true, but this is also my guide and final project. Now I shall explain why. Having a good GPU with lots of dedicated VRAM (RAM dedicated to only graphical calculations) is by far one of the most speed increasing aspects you'll see on a computer. Integrated gets bogged down quickly, and having a lot of RAM gives diminishing returns. Hence why I believe every computer should have a dedicated GPU. GPUs do all of the graphical calculations that you see on screen, from the text on your OS when booting up the PC to this webpage you're looking at right now.

a photo/advertisement representing the GTX 1080 TI, a GPU.