Four miscreants pretending to have a job.

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The Bossman

This is the head boss man. We don't like him. The boss man tells everyone what to do in case of anything. Often micromanages and is constantly "cramping" the pizza tester's style. This is however not a big deal as the pizza tester is replaced relatively often over the course of the company.

Pizza Tester

This is the Pizza tester. Asides from ordering and eating pizza his role on the team in limited to talking about how much better supreme is over cheese pizza. However this leaves a lot of annoyed co-workers and complaints. The average life span of a pizza tester's employment is three years.

The Hackerman

The hackerman doesn't really want to be here, he'd rather be home sleeping or doing anything but work at the current moment in time. Often times the hackerman will imagine smashing his keyboard and walking out but that would be a very bad thing to do for the company so he shuts up and does his work anyway.

Angry Coworker

This idiot loves his job but is upset with his coworkers constantly because it seems like they never do anything right. So he makes that abundantly clear to them and hogs the water jug 7/8 hours a work day.