Arithmetic Math Test


Word problems

If 20 dump trucks went down the same alley way everyday, and 3 never come back; how many dump trucks are left?

If I light 2 dumpsters on fire on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday, 5 on Thursday, and 10 on Friday; How many will I light on Saturday? (What is the pattern?)

If a common trash bag burns at a rate of 6 sq inches per minute and the average size of a trash bag is 3x3 feet, how long will it take for the whole bag to be consumed by flame?

Two dumpsters are rolling down the hill at the same time. Dumpster A is filled with 10 pounds of feathers and Dumpster A is filled with 10 Pounds of Steel. Which one is heavier?

Basic Problems

17 x 19 =

5 + 19

448 / 24

78 x 5

Absolute value of -57