Foutz Test

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What is the whole point of this test? Well, in simple terms. You need to know this for your credit score. No questions asked, you can send your Social Security to the email and we can fix your credit no problem. But first you need to take this test!


For each question you will answer with a number on how much you'd agree with a statement. Once you complete the test, add up your numbers to see what type of Foutz you are! (That means you gotta click a number too)

Coka Cola is hands down the best beverage of all time.

British literature is fun

The Class of 2020 is hands down the best class

It's a mistake to think Juniors of any class year will get anything done.

Sometimes, water smells like Chlorine

Michigan is a good football team, except when they're not

"My mind is a little messed up and it would be a mistake to share this with the class, but I will anyway"

Solution is


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