Fake Reel News Annual

Where it just can't get any worse!

There is a lot of FAKE NEWS! Unsurprisingly. It's pretty incredible to believe that other news sites, unlike my own are so disingenuous. That's why I'm coming to you now with REEL NEWS! where you can find all the latest and greatest movie satire on the html class assignment page.

First up on our todo list is to talk about, you guessed it! Forrest Gump 2: The Shrimping No surprise as it put at least four Alabama theaters out of business by it's sheer lack of taste and butchering of the beloved Tom Hanks. "It didn't feel right filming it, and it didn't feel right filming it at the actual tree where we buried the character Jenny and letting little Forrest burn it." says Tom Hanks to Fake Reel News Annual

photo taken by Fake Reel News Annual corresponder Matthew Anderson